Four Day Trips From Madrid

There are people who love travelling but don’t really enjoy doing tourism in big cities, instead opting for smaller towns and the countryside. If you’re one of these people and haven’t yet visited Madrid for that reason, here are a … Continue reading

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New Attractions in Valencia

When we think of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, we immediately think of Barcelona, a city in the northeast of Spain that attracts millions of tourists every year. But, if you’re not a huge fan of big touristy crowds, there’s an … Continue reading

Beyond Lisbon’s Major Attractions

Lisbon’ s typical: trams, cream pastries, Gubelkian Foundation, Convento do Jeronimos,  Belém tower, Fado music,….Been there, done that? You can then either stay in your Lisbon apartments or keep on strolling around the city and discover some of the city’s … Continue reading

New York Style Food in Europe

  This post might stir up a little bit of controversy for two reasons: For one, as America prides itself as being the nation of many origins and New York City stand for this idea more than any other U.S. … Continue reading

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Five Budget Hotels in Brooklyn

Finding an inexpensive New York accommodation can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re looking only in Manhattan. Brooklyn, on the other hand, will provide you with a different experience of the city, – it’s a lot more alternative and residential … Continue reading

Christmas Around the World (Part II)

More Christmas goodness. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Christmas in Brooklyn, New York Images courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons, except Brooklyn, which is courtesy of me. 

Five Tips for Fearful Fliers

We all know one. Perhaps you’re one yourself. A fearful flier. Just the idea of arriving at the airport makes you clench your fists and sweat profusely. However, let’s face it pretty much everyone has some level of fear when … Continue reading